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Happy Dance

7 weeks reset
To find yourself again

Unlock your full potential and find peace within your body and mind

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I am Nesrine
Psycho-practitioner and holistic therapist

It is often said that life is not a long calm river, and I had the opportunity to deepen this saying on several occasions.

We think we choose our job, but mine chose me, because living in the denial of my being, I never took the time to heal myself emotionally or energetically, and my body decided at some point that was enough. This pose took the form of a severe depression that impacted me for years.

I tried tofind solutions, but no one was able to guide me correctly. So after hitting rock bottom and almost being done with this life, I saw a light , a long-awaited realization “I'm not just here to suffer, and if I can help myself it can help others too “

I then decide to do long research and take action, I didn't allow myself any passive reading, I was taking notes and tests in real life were required.


I got out of it little by little and decided to deepen this practical knowledge with a diploma in psychotherapy. This training strengthened my project and the techniques that I have been able to develop.

I have created an effective and proven protocol that allows you to find inner peace in just 6 weeks.

Today, with this varied knowledge and experience, I help people who are ready to do the work to heal emotionally, balance their energies and manifest the life they deserve, and you can be part of this journey too.

Are you ready to experience happiness?  


You will learn to



Understand what emotional blocks and childhood wounds you need to overcome 


Get rid of your limiting beliefs that prevent you from moving forward and create fear


Get rid of your binge eating and be more conscious of your daily choices for your mind and body



Rewire your brain to turn the negative into positive and heal the trauma that created it.
An introduction to the law of attraction through writing and visualization techniques 


Balance your energy, cut toxic links and understand the functioning of your emotional and physical body


Meet your inner child and conclude with a positive and ambitious vision of the future

1:1 sessions fully booked 

Online course coming soon


Patients reviews

Nesrine brings out new people. Thanks to her I have a new life full of positivity, only beautiful things that happen to me. She taught me life in a way that I did not know, much more pleasant and above all in PEACE.
I wish everyone to have the chance to live such a therapeutic experience, with our Nesrine ❤️

Anoushka, Paris

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